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"Amy Decker is marvelous as the virtuous Madame de Tourvel, in a performance that builds in emotion and intensity, and is enhanced by her beauty and excellent singing voice."

Berkshire Arts Almanac

L. Beck

"Madame de Tourvel, the faithful wife who loses her soul to Valmont's wickedness, is beautifully played by Amy Decker ... Her combination of physical beauty and delicacy is very special indeed. Her lovely voice and her dramatic abilities just push her up additional notches. Here is a player with true star qualities." 

Berkshire Bright Focus

J. Peter Bergman

"Decker is a knockout as the evildoer's ultimate sacrificial victim. The fact that Madame Tourvel starts out a vibrant, open-hearted woman -- and not the pinched "prude" that the Marquise makes her out to be -- renders her capitulation a phenomenon almost worthy of celebration, and the Vicomte's cruel vacillations all the more chilling."

Theater Mania

Sandy MacDonald

"Decker is excellent as Tourvel, reaching deep into the well of anguish for a powerful rendition of "MySin" after Madame has been seduced and abandoned by a seemingly uncaring Valmont."

The Boston Globe

Don Aucoin

“I really need to single out Amy Decker for her extraordinary heartfelt renditions of ‘I’m Not Afraid’, ‘Christmas Lullaby’ and ‘The Flagmaker’.”

Matt Windman

“Amy Decker as the English governess, Anna Leonowens, who travels to Siam to teach the king’s many children, lights up the stage. She is a charming and beautiful Anna whose exceptional voice moves us especially during the well-known favorites ‘Getting to Know You’ and ‘Shall We Dance’.”

The Towne Crier

Bill Moloney

“At the out set, the widow eases the apprehension of her son, Louis, before they disembark with a cheery ‘I Whistle a Happy Tune’. Amy Decker combines a rich warm voice with sensuous charm. Her many-hued voice is also eloquent in ‘Hello, Young Lovers’.”

The Times Harold Record

Marcus Kalipolites

"Her stunningly powerful ‘Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me’ is completely awesome.”

Quad Cities Times

Ruby Nancy

“Also delighting the audience (and this reviewer) was Amy Decker in the lead role of Laurey Williams. Besides her startling good looks, her voice and portrayal of her character were as good as any Laurey I have heard or seen.”

The River Reporter

Tom Kane

“Amy Decker’s portrayal of Betty Blake, Will’s wife, is a perfect blend of beauty, lyrical vocal capability and emotional power. During some of the show’s more poignant moments, Ms. Decker has the audience in the palm of her hand with her renditions of ‘Without You’ and ‘My Unknown Someone’.”


Joseph F. Caputo

“Amy Decker portrays Betty Blake, and may just be the most pleasant surprise of the show. She's lovely and likable with a fantastic voice that powers some of the more emotional moments in the show…Decker pulls it off with ease.”

Adam Knapp

“Amy Decker as Will’s wife, Betty Blake, simply radiates through her performance.  Her songs are the emotional power of the show.  Decker’s voice has the right emotive quality to make you laugh or raise a lump in your throat.  The songs ‘My Unknown Someone’ and ‘Without You’ showcase her talent and her character.”

Shawnee State Communications

John Leasure

“There were standout moments, such as… pretty much anything Amy Decker (playing Roger's wife Betty) does.”


Mark Lowry

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